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Kill Bed Bugs Fast

Proof is the market leading product for killing 100% of bed bugs in your dwelling within 48 hours. It's EPA approved, efficient and comes with a free support guide.

Proof is Best in Class

Proof Bed Bug Spray is scientifically superior to competitors due to its ability to kill bed bugs in hard to reach places, kill their eggs, and breach pesticide resistance. We're so confident in our product we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

3 Key Facts About Proof

  • Uniquely Kills Eggs

    Proof's Kill rate for eggs is 70% higher than that of leading competitors including Harris, Ortho and Raid. You can only stop bed bug infestations by killing eggs. 

  • Uniquely Kills with Vapor

    Proof bed bug spray is the only brand on the market with 100% vapor kill. That means it can kill bed bugs hiding in hard to find places.

  • Uniquely Beats Resistance

    Bed bugs are increasingly pesticide resistant in the US. Proof bypasses pesticide resistance by killing bed bugs physically with plant based materials. 


How good is Proof compared to the competition?

Please have a look at our handy comparison chart

Why does it matter that Proof is EPA-registered and its 'natural' competitors are not?

EPA registration means every claim we make about Proof® is supported through numerous scientific studies and reviewed by regulators. While you will find unregistered products in the marketplace that call themselves “natural” and make all kinds of wild claims, Proof® is a bio-pesticide registered with EPA and in all States across the US in accordance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations.
*Does not constitute an endorsement by EPA

How should I inspect for Bed Bugs?

Please see our handy guide

What is the active ingredient of Proof?

The active ingredient in Proof is Cold-Pressed Neem Oil. The other ingredients are inert and help dilute the neem to the right concentration, and keep it in the solution. The inert ingredients are all (GRAS) or Generally Recognized as Safe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generally_recognized_as_safe

Proof is plant-based spray formulated to National Organic Program standards, and meets the highest national (EPA) and state standards for safety and efficacy.

Our full safety and support documentation can be found and downloaded here: www.bugproof.com/support

I have more questions - how do I get in touch with you?

Glad you asked! You can reach us at support@terramera.com

and 1-800-597-9509

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